Nick Barnard – Owner

Nick grew up in Santa Rosa county with a love for hunting and fishing from a young age. When he was old enough to work, he joined his father, Larry Barnard, investing in the family business, and learning the ins and outs of septic systems. Nick obtained his septic tank contractors license during that time. Nick also spent several years working for the Florida Wildlife Commission as an officer, working Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.



Wil Spann – Owner

Wil also grew up in Santa Rosa County. His passion for hunting and fishing led his career into the outdoor industry. After several years as the district sales manager for Penn and Berkley, Wil spent some time as the area sales rep for Yeti Coolers. Many years of travel, and a young family caused Wil to get back to what he truly enjoyed all along – working outside and staying in the panhandle.




Larry Barnard – Founder

Larry has spent over 30 years serving the counties of Northwest Florida. Having seen changes in regulations, Larry has always been among the leaders of septic contractors in the area. Larry spends most of his days chasing mullet on East Bay or in the woods looking for deer, but he remains a part of BST Septic Installations as a consultant for Nick and Wil.